Application for an import authorisation to import salt into Switzerland

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De-icing salt and de-icing salt mixes
Water softener salt
Industrial salt
Fine evaporated salt, sea salt and rock salt

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Freimenge: Maximal 50 kg Salz dürfen pro Import für den Eigenbedarf oder als gewerbliche Mustersendung frei importiert werden. Diese Freimenge gilt für alle Salzarten und ist nicht für den regelmässigen und kurzfristigen Wiederholungsfall gedacht.
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For imports of more than 10'000 kg and for salt lick stones regardless of the import quantity, the following document must be uploaded:

  • Data sheet (specification)

For pure salts and lickstones, the following documents must be uploaded:

  • Product specification / data sheet
  • Invoice with purchase price or quotation
  • Product image(s)

Traffic certificate of salt by self-declaration can be requested (see separate form).

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