The salt experience – the Schweizerhalle saltworks

From brine to salt crystals

Have you ever wondered how salt reaches your plate? During a visit to the Schweizerhalle saltworks, you will learn how salt deposited deep below the ground is dissolved in water to be carried to the surface, and how cutting-edge technology is used to crystallise pure salt from the brine (a solution of salt and water) that is extracted.
Since 1837, the Schweizerhalle saltworks has been extracting salt to meet people’s different needs. Because salt is a raw material that plays a key part in chemistry, various chemical companies set up business in the Basel region at an early stage. At the Schweizerhalle saltworks, you can see at first hand how brine is transformed into salt crystals in the production process for “white gold”. You will also view the filling processes for packaged salt such as JuraSel® and Reosal®, and you will visit our impressive high-bay storage facility.

Highlights of the 2-hour guided tour

  • Film presentation (24 minutes)
  • Evaporator hall
  • Forwarding department with high-bay storage facility
  • Final production
  • Salt storage hall
  • Salt shop (not suitable for schools)