The salt experience – Riburg

A mountain of salt under an awe-inspiring dome

A tour of the Riburg saltworks offers a variety of memorable experiences. A cutting-edge evaporator hall, drilling sheds and two awe-inspiring Saldomes are waiting to be discovered.
The Riburg saltworks has been operating since 1848. Nowadays it specialises in the production of loose salt. The facility can produce as much as 50 tonnes of salt per hour. You will see one of Europe’s largest evaporators in this saltworks. As well as the operational plant in the evaporator hall, you can also explore two former drilling sheds.
You will be spellbound by the rhythmic movements of an old piston pump when you visit drilling shed no. 7. And in drilling shed no. 8 next door, you will be startled by the screeching noises from the historic rotary drilling platform.
But the highlight of this tour is a look around Saldome2. This salt storage hall is Switzerland’s largest domed structure. Saldome2 has space for no less than 100,000 tonnes of de-icing salt.

Highlights of the 2-hour guided tour

  • Film presentation (24 minutes)
  • Evaporator hall
  • Historic drilling sheds
  • Northern salt storage hall
  • Saldome2
  • Packaging plant