The salt experience – “Die Salzkammer” museum

Discover the culture of salt

Salt has had its place in human culture since time immemorial, and played its part in shaping the history of mankind. At our “Die Salzkammer” museum, you will learn about the many different areas of human culture where salt plays a key role.
“Die Salzkammer”, our salt museum, has 15 rooms on two storeys where you can explore the amazing world of salt. Blocks of salt dating back several millennia, historic salt receptacles, snippets of ancient wisdom and anecdotes recall the origins of the “white gold”. The exhibition guides you from the earliest era of salt extraction and trading through to modern industrial processing. The tour climaxes with an unforgettable moment when visitors take a look into an exposed original borehole.
The exhibition is housed in the Villa Glenck. Built in 1860, this neo-baroque mansion stands on the spot where salt was first extracted in north-west Switzerland. For many years, it was used as the residence for the directors of the saltworks.

Opening hours

By arrangement.

Take a boat ride to our museum!

  • Step on board your boat in Basel … and then plunge into salty pleasures at Schweizerhalle
  • At 11.30 am, you can take one of the BPG company’s boats from Basel quay to the Schweizerhalle jetty. You arrive at 12.40 pm, and a short five minute walk will bring you to the museum.

Highlights of the 2-hour guided tour

  • Geology/salt extraction
  • Chemistry of salt
  • Symbolism/culture
  • Origins of salt drilling
  • Technology and trading