The salt experience

Plenty of fascinating and attractive experiences focusing on the theme of salt are on offer for tourists at all three of our production sites – Bex, Schweizerhalle and Riburg. Tours of cutting-edge production plants and gigantic storage halls, excursions into the mineshafts or traditional museum visits: these are just some of the options for visitors to discover the amazing and unexpected world of salt at Switzerland’s saltworks.

The Riburg saltworks

When you visit Riburg, you will see Switzerland’s largest salt storage halls – Saldomes 1 and 2. With a capacity of over 100,000 tonnes of de-icing salt, Saldome 2 has the largest wooden dome in Europe. Other highlights of the Riburg tour include the enormous evaporators in the production in hall and two drilling sheds dating from bygone days.

The “Salzkammer” museum

Built in 1860, Villa Glenck is a neo-baroque mansion located directly on the bank of the Rhine at Schweizerhalle. This building used to be the residence of the directors of the saltworks, but nowadays the villa houses a museum with 15 exhibition rooms where visitors can discover the part that salt has played in shaping human culture.

The Schweizerhalle saltworks

At the Schweizerhalle saltworks, visitors can gain wide-ranging insights into the extraction and processing of salt – starting with brine (the alternative name for a solution of salt and water) all the way through to salt crystals. Visit the gigantic evaporator hall and our impressive high-bay storage facility as you follow the route that salt travels from raw material to end product.

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