10th April 2019
Distinction «Best Workplaces Suisse 2019»
Depuis mars 2019, les Salines Suisses sont considérées comme l’un des meilleurs employeurs en Suisse. Dans le cadre du concours annuel de «Great Place to Work», les Salines Suisses ont reçu le certificat «Best Workplaces Suisse 2019».
1st October 2016
AgriSal® – the new brand for agricultural salts
Swiss Saltworks launches its new AgriSal® brand on 1 October 2016. The AgriSal®brand will cover the entire range of different salts required by agricultural livestock and wild animals: from pure feed material salt, iodine-enriched cattle salt and mineral-enriched salt lick stones through to our natural salt lick stones made with salt extracted from salt mines. Sodium and chloride ions, chemically bonded as salt, are vital dietary elements for both human beings and animals. With few exceptions, vegetable feed for agricultural livestock contains very little salt. Healthy cattle need a regular supply of salt.
1st July 2014
One Swiss salt market. One company.
Two companies with lengthy traditions are to join forces. The Canton of Vaud acceded to the 1973 Intercantonal Agreement on the Sale of Salt in Switzerland at the end of June 2014 after no referendum had been held on expiry of the period stipulated for this purpose. This means that the merger between Saline de Bex SA and Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine AG can definitely go ahead, in legal terms and as regards business management. The united Swiss salt company will immediately launch its market presence under the new name of Swiss Saltworks AG.
16th May 2014
History and enjoyment combined
An evening with a spicy theme How about an outing to "Die Salzkammer", the salt museum at Schweizerhalle? Swiss Saltworks are staging some exciting new events here that combine history and the culinary arts. You can expect a fascinating guided tour or an evening with a spicy theme. Both events are brought to a tasteful close with a choice aperitif.
8th April 2014
Integrating Switzerland's salt expertise
Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine is pleased to inform you that Switzerland's two salt producers will be joining forces in the future. On 8 April, the Vaud Cantonal Parliament approved the canton's accession to the 1973 Intercantonal Salt Agreement (the "Concordat"). This will create a single, uniform market area for salt sales throughout Switzerland.
30th January 2014
Adaptations to the provisions governing salt imports and appropriation of profits
Comunicato ai mezzi d’informazione delle Schweizer Rheinsalinen del 30.1.2014

Agreement between Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine AG and the Price Regulator

Due to the very severe winters in recent years, Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine has earned unusually high profits from above-average sales of de-icing salt. This has prompted the Price Regulator to work with Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine to find a solution that will prevent inappropriate profits in this monopoly market without jeopardising the company's refinancing potential, which would put Swiss salt supplies at risk. One aspect taken into consideration in this regard is that domestic production is needed to ensure reliable supplies, and regulations on imports therefore continue to be necessary so that these supplies will be guaranteed in the future. Swiss Saltworks on the Rhine and the Price Regulator reached agreement today on a suitable package of measures to achieve these objectives. On the one hand, this package provides for reimbursements in case of extraordinary profits from sales of de-icing salt and, on the other, it includes substantial measures to simplify salt imports; these measures will bring about improvements for companies and customers in the special food-grade and wellness salts segments in particular. The agreement is valid for three years.