Wellness salts

Salt promotes good health. Sea salts and carefully filtered raw brine are the input materials for our varied range of wellness products which we market under the brands “Saline de Bex Bien-Être” and “Actisal”.

The medical benefits of salt have been known for centuries, and it is used successfully in naturopathy and for home remedies. For instance, salt water solutions help with colds, sore throats and pharynx inflammations, while brine baths soothe gout, rheumatism and sciatica.
Our Actisal and Saline de Bex Bien-Etre product lines feature a wide and varied range of wellness salts. Actisal sea salt is purified sea salt from the Mediterranean. It is used as the input material for various cosmetic and bathing products. Actisal bathing and inhalation brines are appreciated by numerous brine spas in Switzerland. However, many spas also manufacture their own brine by dissolving salt in water.
Our Saline de Bex Bien-Etre brand comprises numerous wellness products that contain salt crystals, essential oils and natural plant extracts. These include bathing salts, body peeling products and shower creams.


Bathing and inhalation brines, 20 l
Coarse bathing sea salt, 25 kg
Specifications brine untreated