AgriSal® – the new brand for agricultural salts

Swiss Saltworks launches its new AgriSal® brand on 1 October 2016.
The AgriSal®brand will cover the entire range of different salts required by agricultural livestock and wild animals: from pure feed material salt, iodine-enriched cattle salt and mineral-enriched salt lick stones through to our natural salt lick stones made with salt extracted from salt mines.
Sodium and chloride ions, chemically bonded as salt, are vital dietary elements for both human beings and animals. With few exceptions, vegetable feed for agricultural livestock contains very little salt. Healthy cattle need a regular supply of salt.
Our cattle salts, lick stones and natural lick stones are selected and formulated on the basis of our long experience in animal feedstuffs.

The new brand will be launched with the following communication tools:

  • Information brochure for dealers and end customers
  • Product information for end customers (via Landi outlets)
  • Advertisements in the following magazines: BauernZeitung, Agri (f), Die Grüne, Die Mutterkuh, Schweizer Bauer, Terre & Nature (f), UVA-Revue (d+f), BioAktuell (d+f)
  • Brand to be launched via various Landi communication channels

Further information: agricultural-salts

Carlo Habich, Head of Business Unit Primary Salts,

Retailers product information